Technology Executive Services

Are legacy systems too many to mention? Are your systems outdated? Are you challenged when keeping up with the speed at which technology is changing? Is your focus taken away from core business? Do you lack time to implement what's required?

TBS-Tech Exec decrypts the complexity of technology & can implement your technology roadmap. We identify hidden technology costs & unleash potential cost savings to improve your bottom line. We set you up for growth & future proof your business.

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  • Flexible engagement options to suit your needs & budget
    We offer flexible engagement options that include part-time, full-time and interim engagements - a great option if you can't justify full time IT executive but require the strength of an experienced hand. You may hire us from 1 day a month to 5 days a week on short or long term assignments. It's completely up to you.
  • Give you back time to focus on core business
    Technology is key to business success & business owners lacking expertise are often overwhelmed. Our experts focus on technology so you can focus on your core business. We give you back time.
  • Help you get started when you don't know where to start
    The digital revolution is here but don't know where to start? We help you get started on your digital transformation and technology modernisation. We can develop & implement your strategy aligned to your business goals. We can manage your technology transition for you.
  •  Optimise technology costs & improve profits
    Are technology costs ignored. Is it all too hard? We uncover the hidden costs & unleash potential cost savings. We can implement a regular cost review, reduce waste & assess cost effective technology options. 

CIO "as a Service"

CIO as a service is a great option for businesses that can't justify a full time IT executive but need the strength of an experienced hand to provide independent, strategic & technology agnostic oversight. We offer 4 types of CIO "as a service" engagements including: Interim CIO, Outsourced CIO, Turnaround CIO & CIO Advisory.

IT Operational Improvement

We resolve technology & operational issues. We identify duplication in systems & processes. We re-evaluate vendor contracts ensuring your business gets the right support at the right price. We identify ageing technology & make sure technology works hard for you. We start you on a journey of continuous improvement.

Technology Modernisation

We will develop a strategy aligned to business goals and help you get started on your digital journey. This includes legacy system consolidation, Cloud transition, system integration, improved infrastructure and networks, cyber security, database technology, website and social networks strategy and data management.

Technology Risk Mitigation

We ensure technology risks around data, privacy, compliance, cybersecurity, system availability & underinvestment are understood & mitigated. Technology has also introduced a business growth risk not often considered & businesses are likely to be constrained by current technology when expanding. Our risk framework will evaluate risks & provide you with simple to action risk mitigation steps.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A key objective of mergers & acquisitions is to seperate technology and integrate systems with incumbent applications, infrastructure & operations. We can estimate the IT separation costs during sale negotiations. When ready we can develop an IT separation plan, manage the separation on your behalf. We provide you peace of mind & assurance that the IT separation and execution occurs on time on budget.

Program & Project Delivery

Experienced in delivering technology projects in top tier organisations, our staff can deliver complex projects through impeccable planning on time & within the agreed budget & scope. With our flexible engagement options, we can provide a full-time resource to manage your project on site or part-time engagement may be preferred. We can provide independent project assurance to make sure your project is on track.

  • Sydney NSW, Australia